Monday, 2 March 2015

Infamy's Mole - Part 1

If you’re a regular follower of this blog you’ll know that I’m a fan of Infamy Miniatures. So I was more than happy when James from Infamy generously sent me a mini to paint ahead of it’s official release. This is Mole, Infamy’s steampunk take on The Wind and the Willows’ meekest hero. 

To be honest, Mole didn’t grab my attention from amongst all the other wonderful character designs when James first revealed them. Now I’ve got the mini in my hands, it’s quite another matter! 

The mini comes in six parts that need to be released from their sprues. This was a straight forward job as the sprues all join to the mini in places where they can be trimmed off relatively easily and cleaning up doesn’t impact on any areas of delicate detail. The casting is of a good quality with very few air bubbles and no serious mould lines. In fact I had quite a job to find the mold lines on this mini. 

The sculpt is packed with lots of characterful. There are some wonderful touches ranging from from the mole on Mole’s cheek to the burst stiches and ragged tears on his clothing. 

The parts all fit together as they should with no need for gap filling. That’s a major plus point in my books! Although I’ve decided to pin the arms to reinforce the joins (I usually drop my minis at some point during painting), I don’t think this is an essential step for this particular mini. 

With Mole assembled, primed and base coated I’m looking forward to getting stuck into painting him. I’m especially eager to try out true metalics and to experiment with the contrast between the finishes I can get when using both Scale Colour and Games Workshop paints.

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  1. Very cool.. looking forward to your interpretation of this model.. and how you tackle him.. and the way in which you broke him down for painting purposes :D