Wednesday 30 September 2015

Project Nurgle - Plaguebearers part 2

I’m posting a very brief update this week as I’m busy preparing for my workshop in Cardiff this coming weekend. Despite having less time to paint I’ve managed to progress my plaguebearers to the point where they are ready for their workshop debut.

Roll on Saturday!

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Project Nurgle - Plaguebearers

You could be forgiven for thinking that maybe I’d had quite enough Nurgle in my life recently. With Gutrot Spume finally finished it must surely be time for me to turn to another subject and, so it is, but not quite yet! 

With my Weekend Workshop in Cardiff fast approaching I’ve been busily working away behind the scenes to get things ready. The featured mini for the workshop is a Nurgle Plaguebearer, so I’m not quite done with all those boils and sores just yet! 

The mini has been a delight to paint and it’s relative simplicity makes it an ideal subject for ‘Monster skin and texture’. It also makes it the fastest mini I’ve ever painted as I turned this little beauty around in under two weeks of evening sessions. 

I’ve also prepped several other Plaguebearers to various stages to assist with my painting demos and I’m seriously considering their potential as a unit for the Golden Demons. 

It looks like Project Nurgle is far from over and done!

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Project Nurgle part 19. Gutrot Spume - Finished!

When I first started to work on Gutrot Spume I had it in my mind that I might paint him as the leader of a squad of Putrid Blight Kings. So much for my initial intentions! Work got off to a slow start but once it got going it quickly became apparent that Gutrot was going to constitute a significant project in his own right.

I‘ve been working on Gutrot for the best part of a year and at a rough guess I'd say I’ve spent around 300 hours on the project! I’m perfectly happy about that as I made the decision to go all out on this mini, and to take as much time as I needed to do the job ‘properly’. That decision was in no small part influenced by my experience painting a Dark Eldar Haemonculus in two weeks for Golden Demon 2014. While I proved to myself that I can turn out a well painted mini at speed, I also confirmed a long held belief; when I’m painting just for myself, I’m at my happiest and do my best work when I take my time over it.

Although there are plenty of things I feel could be better (aren’t there always), I’ve had a very happy painting experience with Gutrot. I’ve experimented with a number of new materials and techniques and I feel that I’ve significantly pushed my boundaries on this mini. The end result is something I’m very happy with!