Monday 18 March 2013

Painting the Third Scourge Part 4

I managed to get the stomach and chest painted up over the last week and what a diference this makes! Suddenly the mini looks a lot less incomplete and closer to being finished. 

This is something I should be used to by now as it's a direct result of my painting method. Because I focus on an area and work it up to a finished state before moving on to the next one my jobs often appear to progress in fits and starts. Linking up the already painted areas of the head and legs gives me a clearer feel for how the mini is going to  turn out.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Armour Amour

Painting the third Scourge part 3

February hasn't been a very productive month but when I've been able to pick up my brush and paints  things have gone well! Painting the NMM armour on my third scourge has turned from a pain into an enjoyable challenge and although the progress is slow it still feels like progress so I'm a happy bunny.

The armour on the first two Scourge minis was often resolved by trial and error. This time around I'm aware of painting the in a more organised/formulaic way with distinct stages.  I'm sticking to the same colour palette as before and using my photography of the first scourge as reference. Although I'm not going for an exact copy many of the tricky decisions about how to treat the armour have been worked out on the earlier minis. I'm able approach each area with more confidence, concentrating on achieving the effect and spared the stress of having to first figure out on what the effect will be!