Tuesday 22 September 2015

Project Nurgle - Plaguebearers

You could be forgiven for thinking that maybe I’d had quite enough Nurgle in my life recently. With Gutrot Spume finally finished it must surely be time for me to turn to another subject and, so it is, but not quite yet! 

With my Weekend Workshop in Cardiff fast approaching I’ve been busily working away behind the scenes to get things ready. The featured mini for the workshop is a Nurgle Plaguebearer, so I’m not quite done with all those boils and sores just yet! 

The mini has been a delight to paint and it’s relative simplicity makes it an ideal subject for ‘Monster skin and texture’. It also makes it the fastest mini I’ve ever painted as I turned this little beauty around in under two weeks of evening sessions. 

I’ve also prepped several other Plaguebearers to various stages to assist with my painting demos and I’m seriously considering their potential as a unit for the Golden Demons. 

It looks like Project Nurgle is far from over and done!


  1. David I absolutely love the colour scheme, did you do many test models, utilise any specific colour theory, or just find something which worked based on your experience painting previous models? I find myself increasingly able to paint to a "good" standard but unable to select the best colours. Good luck with your class and thanks for sharing!

  2. The flesh tones on the plaguebearer come from my experiences painting Gutrot Spume so there was no specific test mini. The colour theory used exploits the contrast between red & green to give a strong visual contrast. They also provide a warm/cool contrast but I've used a warmer yellow/green and a cooler purple/red to keep the contrast from being too strong. Mixing the red & green together in the mid tones creates a more neutral brown of sorts that helps to tie everything together.

  3. Wonderful work as usual David. The boils that you have added with...sand?... add extra detail and realism. I love it. I don't think I had the chance to comment on your Gutrot, so I'll do so here. It is a masterpiece. Although painting a piece like that is its own reward, I hope you get recognition for it in an upcoming competition. You've elevated mini-painting to a fine art.

    I am eager to see more of your work.

    1. As much as I like GWs plastic minis they can be a bit smooth looking so a little extra texture can really add something. Sand would be a bit too course so the texture is created with baking soda which is very fine.

  4. Simply amazing, Dave! I am quite impressed with the transition of colors on this Plaguebearer, very well done and smooth! No matter how nasty these Nurgle baddies are it would be wise to pay close your techniques!