Saturday 25 February 2017

Ironjaws Megaboss part 11- Blood and yet more blood!

In truth I’ve not added much extra blood to what was there before but I’ve reworked it to look a bit more bloody. I realised that I had botched my blood mix and used red ink instead of Tamiya clear red. I think the Tamiya makes a huge difference – it’s mixed with GW’s Bardab Black wash.

I also repainted the neck stump on the Dracoth to bring out the sculpted detail. I think it looks a lot more ‘meaty’ now and I’m very happy with the result.


  1. Wow. The meat looks so realistic.

  2. The model (and the base) look amazing! i'm especially wowed by the skin tones of the severe human heads. They look very realistic!

  3. Yes!! Your Boss is much better with his new base and with the addition of blood. Perfect amount of gore. The neck stumps looks more realistic.
    Another masterpiece from you!

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  5. How much would you charge for one of these