Saturday 22 December 2018

Sloppity Bilepiper Part 3

I’ve finally painted all of the flesh tones on the Sloppity Bilepiper and that’s enabled me to move on to painting the marotter. In doing so I’ve resolved the over all colour scheme and balance. The marotter is painted in muted tones but it features the same yellow/purple contrast with a green spot colour as the rest of the mini. In particular it’s the blue/green of the verdigris that gives a pop to the overall scheme at the moment.

I’d considered dialing down the slime effects on this mini (shocking – I know!). But the clue is in his name; so as the paint job comes together I will need to build in more slime, drips and goo. I must make sure my Bilepiper is suitably sloppity.

There are a fair few details to tweak here and there. In the most part that’s because I started this project with a fairly lose idea of the overall scheme. In spite of that the mini is suddenly looking a lot closer to being finished!


  1. I'm in love with the brass you painted the verdigris over. May I ask how you painted it/using which colors, it looks absolutely perfect. I can't seem to find it on your blog.

    1. My brass is always painted onto a base of brown. In this case Black Leather from ScaleColour. I then apply a layer of Necro Gold wich I highlight with Peridot Alchemy both, again from Scale Colour. Depending on the size and accessibility of the area I'm painting I will use a mix of layering and Drybrushing.
      Then it's time for the verdegris. This is done using washes & heavy glazes with a range of blue/green & white tones. I work wet on wet and let the colours blend and flow together. You actualy want to achieve a splotchy stained look!
      Once I'm happy with the verdegris I usually retouch some of the highlights in Peridot Alchemy to brighten things up.

      I posted about painting copper few years back and you might find that useful.