Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dark Eldar Diorama – The second Scourge part 4

I'm going to try and take more work in progress pics this time around. As well as recording the minis progress I find photography is a really useful way of seeing it with fresh eyes and spotting problem areas. A photographic blow up shows all sorts of things the naked eye can miss. Its important not to get too obsessive about making the mini look perfect when enlarged but studying a photo can help you to refine the minis finish.

I always like to get the face painted as soon as possible it establishes the tone and character of the mini. If you don't get the face right the rest of the mini can't compensate, no matter how well it's painted.

I've tried to get a bit more life into the lenses of the mask this time around - hopefully giving a feel for some depth and reflection. I decided to pick out the 'beak' area of the mask in gold, it just seemed to suggest itself and it plays to the bird like qualities of the Scourge while helping to give the armour a richer more ornate feel.

I started on the hair at the same time as the mask. So far I'm just building up some deep shade areas using a mix of Asurmen Blue and Baal Red washes. The blue helps to give a more interesting shade colour than just adding black. 

Its early days yet and what you can see is still a work in progress but I'm feeling good about what I've done so far and that makes for a good start!

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