Monday, 19 March 2012

Pale and Interesting

Dark Eldar Diorama – The second Scourge part 8

Quality painting time seems to be restricted to the weekends at the moment which is pretty frustrating. On the positive side of things I managed to make considerable  progress (for me) on the converted Scourge this weekend just passed.

I've painted almost all of the flesh areas and made a good start on the armour. Working up from a base of Dheneb Stone I shaded with washes of Gryphonne Sepia & Ogryn Flesh. The yellow brown tones of the Gryphonne Sepia are dominant on the lower part of the legs but give way to the red/brown tones of the Ogryn Flesh. I mixed the shading wash with Dheneb Stone to build up some highlighting. This need a lot of dilution and carefull handling as the Dheneb Stone can develop a gritty texture. To give a bit more life and interest to the flesh tones I introduced some glazes of Dwarf flesh and Ice blue. Both colours were added the earlier highlight mix. Final highlights were then worked up with a Dheneb Stone/Skull White mix to give a palid waxy looking finish.

I need to adjust the armour colour towards something a bit more neutral as it's a too blue for what I want but I feel it's going in the right direction.


  1. I love you style and your way of showing texture. There is love in every part of this miniature.

  2. That is a truly stunning paint job, the shading on the skin is immaculate and so smooth looking. Glad i stumbled across your blog, and that you have put some pointers as to how to achieve such a result, definitely would like to try and recreate such effects. Think i will learn a lot here. Look forward to the finished article.

  3. The texture painting on the legs is just killer...and I love how the armor is turning out.

    Great work as always.