Friday, 25 January 2013

Painting The Third Scourge part 1

I'd guess that nearly all creative types hit a bad patch now and again and the trick in dealing with them is knowing when to push on regardless and when to leave well alone.

So far painting the third of my Scouge minis has been a long hard slog. I've struggled at every stage and at times came very close to giving up on it! On a few occasions I had to quickly down tools and put the mini aside or risk doing some serious damage.

On the positive side I'm pleased with the results so far and I've managed to solve a problem I've been having matching the blue/grey tones on my Scourge minis. There are parts of this that could be better but it's good enough for me to now move on and paint other parts of the mini. Later on I should be able to review the work on the head more objectively and in the context of the overall mini. Sometimes there is very little difference between refining and obsessing!

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