Saturday 27 April 2013

Getting things off to a rough and rocky start!

In an effort to get my Dark Eldar Hellion ready for Salute last week I went into a frenzy of last minute preparations. After several very late nights common sense prevailed and I abandoned the attempt. I was running a serious risk of ruining a good mini.
Having come back to the project in a calmer frame of mind I can see that not all of my efforts were a waste. I’d made a scenic base and although what I came up with was wrong for the Hellion I think it shows a lot of potential.
Like the base for my Tomb King this one is made from a half rotten piece of wood picked up on the roadside. The addition of soil, superglue, cork and a suitable paint job has helped turn my bit of wood into a rocky outcrop. 

I’ve a few early thought on what will work with this base but need to give the project some proper consideration. I’ve gone and put the cart before the horse with this one but I think this base has the potential to be the beginning of something good.


  1. This really turned out nice - no indication of a 'rush job' whatsoever! ;)

  2. The rock structure is really eye-catching, looks like a wicked backdrop so far, and it's a lifesaver having bases already done sometimes :)