Sunday 21 April 2013

Salute 2013 Painting Competition

I travelled up to London yesterday for Salute and entered my first painting comp in 23 years!
I came first in the Miscellaneous category with my Dr Who Diorama and first in the Fantasy Single Figure category with my Tomb King. The Tomb King was also awarded second best in the show!

It was especially good to get to meet lots of mini painting folks 'in the flesh' and to see their work for real. I've been out of contact for far too long and seeing all those beautiful painted minis has given me a real boost and some much needed inspiration. I was just starting to come down with another dose of Scourge fatigue.

Salute also gave me the chance to buy myself some rather lovely minis that I've been drooling over so I'm going to be kept busy painting for a very (very) long time.


  1. It was a great show, glad you enjoyed yourself. I bought a shed load of mini's myself, roll on next year. Your photo links are not working by the way. ;)

  2. It was an absolutely well deserved win - that Tomb King is absolutely sublime!

    Congratulations again, and it was a pleasure to meet you.

  3. On a related note, did you notice today's Cool Mini or Not "Blast from the Past"?

  4. Thanks for tipping me off, I had no idea I was today's "blast from the past" what a very nice surprise!

  5. Good show! Love looking at that Dr.Who diorama, wicked :)