Monday 17 June 2013

Painting the Third Scourge Part 8

This last weekend I made progress painting the wings for my final scourge. The outside surfaces are done and I've added the tattoo designs to the inside.

Freehand decoration is an enjoyable challenge but even a relatively simple single colour design can seem a bit daunting. I prefer to mark up my design before I start to paint and in this instance I used a soft (3B) pencil sharpened to a very fine point. The trick is to go very lightly and put a few discreet marks on the mini at key point of the design. You can then join up these marks to sketch out the guide lines for your design. At this stage it's not a very pretty sight!

Next I fill in the design. I use a very dilute mix ( GW Asurmen Blue & Rakarth Flesh) for this and the result is inevitably patchy looking but thats' OK at this stage.

Now I build up the density of the tattoo by stippling on more colour. This enables me to even out the colour density while achieving a dotty texture that matches the wing surface.

Now it's time to cover up those pencil lines where they still show. Because of the stipple texture this is a lot easier to do than it would be over a flat colour. With the pencil lines gone the edges of the design really pop. 

At this stage it's time for any fine tuning/adjustment of the shading.

Almost done ... so close!

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