Thursday, 8 August 2013

Everyone has to start somewhere!

I needed to get up into my loft last night and in one of the many boxes of forgotten treasures I found this little gem. A real blast from the past - my first ever painted mini! 

Time has not been kind to him. The sword went many years ago and the varnish has gone yellow but despite that he has a special place in my affections. He's an Orc Chief with Sword and Flail from the Citadel Fantasy Tribes range. As best as I can remember I must have been about 14 when I painted him sometime around 1980.

I can actually remember painting him but had forgotten my experiments with fluorescent colour and NMM. Quite ambitious for a fourteen year old beginner and it's only taken me another 33 years to start getting a grip on the NMM!


  1. Looks pretty good for a first model - particularly one from 1980!

    Think I still have some of my first efforts kicking around somewhere - not sure I can muster up the courage to look at them yet though! :)



  2. Jaja! Sólo cool! I still keep muy first one too... the dwarf from heroquest first edition.
    . 14 and practicing NMM? U rock!

  3. That is so much better than my first model I can't even begin to compare them.

  4. Must agree. Quite good for a first model. First one I ever painted was the Judge Child from Judge Dredd. /Hans