Thursday 29 August 2013

Skink Priest - part 2

I'm off work this week which means I've been able to put a lot of hours into my skink priest. This is just as well because although I'm really enjoying painting this mini, it's turned out to be a far more complicated process than anticipated!

Part of the issue is probably the lack of my usual planning. This means I'm having to resolve the colours I'm using on the run. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it makes for a pretty intense painting experience. 

I'll put together a more detailed write-up on painting this mini next week but, for the time being, here are some work-in-progress pics.


  1. Okay seriously, this is so damn amazing! Love the contrasts and skin structure! Epic!

  2. Well, that's amazing... :o

  3. TUTORIAL, please, please...pleeeease :)

    1. I'll be starting work on a tut focusing on painting the skink's skin next week.