Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1990 - 2013 spot the difference

A twenty three year gap between slayer swords really highlights how a few things have changed over the years!


  1. its the glass, right? :P

    Grats on the slayer swords btw.

  2. Just so, so many congratulations. I've admired the work as it developed and you have recieved your just reward. If my painting can one day graze the standards you achieve I shall be proud beyond measure. Revel in this!

  3. Ha! ha! Awesome!! Love this picture. Next time you win it, you might not be able to raise your arms above your head if you take another 20+ years...!! ;)

  4. You've gone from left to right handed? ;)

  5. Thanks for all the great comments guys. I need to apologise to a bunch of you for having just accidently deleted your comments when I meant to post them! I'm still a bit tired and have a bad case of stupid fingers - I certainly won't be trying to paint any minis tonight.

  6. Congratulations, David!
    I have the 1990 Fantasy Miniatures book and I have to say that I prefer 2013 winner entry rather than 1990 :-)
    Many thanks for proving that old school never dies.
    Regards from Spain

  7. Hi David, i just recently discovered you and your blog, thanks on you Skink Wip on Coolminiornot, and now you suddendly win your second Slayer Sword! that must be a sign of fate ahahah!

    I feel happy for your victory, well deserved.



  8. hi david from Spain,

    in first place congratulations for the sword!!! your work its great. You deserve this award.

    and many thanks for follow my blog. I feel proud that an artist of your category follow my humble blog


    Enrique Millán