Monday, 4 November 2013

Painting Chee-Chee. Chee-Chee Part 5

It's been a bit of a hard slog recently. There's been less time available for painting than I'd like and when I've picked up a paintbrush I've struggled to get the quality of finish I want. It's just one of those things we all have to deal with from time to time but that dosen't make it any less frustrating.

I'm having to put a lot of time into refining the paint job to get things to the level I want. That's not really a problem but it's a bit of a shift in approach after I had it so (comparatively) easy with the Skink Priest! Thankfully the extra effort feels like it's going to pay of as I'm beginning to get some pleasing results. I'd gotten a bit bogged down on the gun arm so I need to move on and work on some of the other area and not focus too much on just one part of the mini.

The slower painting progress has given me time to consider the size and composition of the
overall piece and my ideas have begun to come together. I've decided on a smaller composition than I'd first planned. I think my initial concept of the zoo walls and gate were in serious danger of overpowering the mini! I'm going with the same idea but it will be a tighter composition and Chee-Chee will be the dominant element. Which is just as it should be!

I've also had a bit of fun developing some poster artwork to go onto the zoo walls.


  1. Wow steam punk goodness on that arm. Nice mix of materials and finishes. The poster is a great touch. Narrative is hard to convey, but I think that implies just enough to get people interested in more than the amazing paint job.

  2. I always love to read narrative for painted miniatures :)
    Great job so far. Not that that is surprising ;)