Monday 20 January 2014

Chee-Chee Part 10

The past week has seen some positive painting action and as a result I've managed to achieve significant progress on Chee-Chee. I've continued to make some (admittedly subtle) tweaks to the details but the major development has been in painting the fur. I've now pretty much finished the bulk of the painting with little more than some adjustment and refining of the details left to do. Of course the minute I declare Chee-Chee finished I'll spot (or have pointed out to me) something that needs attention but at least the end is in sight. Then I can turn my attention to painting the plinth.

Photographing Chee-Chee has made me very aware of how much of a difference the angle of view make to a minis appearance. This is something I'm going to have to consider very carefully when it comes to gluing Chee-Chee onto the plinth. I want to get the most interesting and dynamic composition out of the mini that I can.

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