Monday, 13 January 2014

Chee-Chee Part 9 - With a little help from my friends!

I've had some really useful feedback on Chee-Chee and his base over at Platoon Britannica so I spent my weekend painting time making a few tweaks and adjustments. 

The first thing I did was to rework the dip in the cobblestones. I had one of those nagging feelings that it wasn't 100% there but couldn't put my finger on what felt wrong. It's now clear (after it's been pointed out to me) that the dip was just too smooth and soft looking so that the overal effect was like a matress being pressed down. Rather than reworking all of the cobbles I've cut out a few along the leading edge and second rank. I then glued then back with small wedges of plasticard underneath to raise them up. I think the result is both more realistic and pleasing to the eye.


Once that was sorted I went ahead and put some primer onto the base as it was time to get a proper look at the finished surfaces. 

I've also spent a bit of time refining the paint work on Chee-Chee. There's nothing too dramatic going on here. I've worked up some of the detail on the pipework  and work some more red into the face. The face was (as usual) the first part of Chee-Chee I painted and it was starting to look a bit dull in comparisome to the rest of the mini as the overal scheme came together. I might well put a little more work into the face to make it 'pop' as the mini comes to completion.

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