Monday 17 February 2014

Jason - Part 1

Deadline April 12 2014!

With Chee-Chee finished and roughly a month and a half before Salute 2014 there's time for me to see if I can get another mini ready for the painting competition. To be honest I've always intended to get Jason (the Salute 2013 mini) painted but I finished Chee-Chee a little later than intended so my plans are a bit skewed. But what the hell I'm going for it any way!

I spent the best part of last week's hobby time prepping the mini and quickly decided that I needed to do something to make a bit more out of him. The original face was a bit bland for my taste so I've performed a little chop and swap and given him the head off the statue that came as a part of his base. I just think that there's a bit more to work with on this face.

I've also fully prepped up the base and overall composition (there's a first), as this will save me a bit of time and effort once the project nears completion. All I have to concentrate on now is painting.

The base is an unused one I made or my Hellion in the run up to Salute 2013. It's funny how things work out as I've had the basic idea for Jason's composition right from day one but didn't realise the key element of the base was there all the time! The tree for the Golden Fleece is made up of root fragments scavenged from the Tombs of the Kings on Cyprus and the Ram's skull comes from a GW basing kit. The fleece itself is still a Work in progress, as I need to sculpt the wool texture onto it.


  1. I should really get started on mine...

  2. The rock formation looks fantastic and looks like it will be a great background for the piece. What is it made from? Large piece of bark you've done work on or some other mystical material?

    1. It's a chunk of wood I picked up from the roadside. I thought that it had broken and weathered down in an interesting way so I took it home and dried it out. There's a little bit of work done on it to tidy up the shape and I've added a bit of bark to the back.

  3. That base is killer!
    Is there a way to get Jason a little closer to the middle of the base? It looks as if having him to the side like that might interrupt the composition of the piece. Hard to tell. It seems like the focal point should be more centralized. I dunno, maybe that is your intention.

  4. I can't wait to see how you paint the golden fleece!