Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Squarg the Frog Rider - Part 6

It's been a crazy week but I've managed to keep on painting Squarg in the evenings and I've made some real progress.

for the most part the work on Squarg has been a matter of finishing off and refining the details; and a lot of those details needed to be picked out in metallics. Metallics are just as tricky to work with as I remember, I decided to use airbrush-friendly paints (Vallejo Model Air and Scalecolour) as they have very fine pigments and this helped to achieve a smooth, lump free, finish.

The parts that I was painting in metallics were all small and fiddly, so they probably weren't a very good testing ground. But things worked out OK, with a little perseverance. I'm now feeling a bit more confident to tackle larger areas of metallics which is just as well as they will feature on my next project.

I've also been experimenting with some new colours for flesh tones. For the most part these have all been Vallejo colours and although I like most everything about them they have a tendency to dry with a shiny finish. In some places this became so bad I couldn't see what I was painting! The soloution was to paint a very thin layer of Vallejo mat medium over the shiny areas. I've found that this dries (eventually) to a dead flat finish that, to my eyes, has less shine/sheen than mat varnish.

With the majority of the painting done on Squarg it was time to get him mounted onto his frog. The finishing touches and final adjustments will be best done on the assembled mini when I can balance everything out. I also have to add the reins and paint them which promises to be extremely fiddly work but will finish the mini off very nicely.


  1. Love this mini. Chee-Chee looked good in this month's Wargames illustrated too.