Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Painting Uncle John – Part 4

I’ve started to paint the parrot that sits on Uncle John’s shoulder and although I’ve made progress it’s been a bit of a struggle! 
 I’ve very limited time at the moment and haven’t been able to put in enough hours to make dramatic progress. But the biggest frustration I’ve had has been getting the colour right. Yellow has never been a colour I‘ve liked to paint and I’ve probably allowed that to spook me. Put simply I went in with too bright a base colour. As a result I’ve had to work hard to tone down the brightness and get the parrot looking like it belongs with Uncle John.
On the positive side I’ve stuck at it and I’m beginning to get closer to the colour I want. 
Time is rapidly counting down to Euro Militaire and I need to crack on and resolve this piece. I’m so close to getting this done but those last steps can make or break a project!

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