Friday 28 August 2015

The Weekend Workshop presents ...

... Texture and Monster Flesh With David Soper

“Twice Slayer Sword and multi award winning painter David Soper will be teaching you how to create texture and paint monster flesh in this two day workshop!
Using your free GW Plague Bearer model, David will take you through, step by step how to use variation in saturation, colour theory, texture and slime effects to create truly exotic and menacing looking monsters!
The workshop is being held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff on October 3rd and 4th at a price of £125! Places are proving to be very limited so act quickly to ensure you have a place at this fantastic workshop!” 

Tickets are available from The Weekend Workshop

This is something that I'm really looking forward to doing! For almost the entire time I’ve painted miniatures, I’ve done so in splendid isolation. In recent years the online painting community has given me a place to show my work and share what I do, but it’s time to take things a step further!

This workshop gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my approach to painting miniatures and share many of the techniques I’ve used over the years. I’ll be showing how those techniques can be applied to the GW plague bearer and used to create a range of different textures and skin effects.

Then I’ll share some of the effects that can be used to enhance a painted miniature and make it truly special.

Sproket in the flesh … painting flesh, it’ll be a lot less kinky than it sounds!

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