Tuesday 22 March 2016

Plaguebearers part 7 - The Red King

My decision to experiment with a green basecoat, instead of the usual Rackarth Flesh, for my Plaguebearer champion proved to be a mistake. I pride myself on having a good eye for colour but in this case I bungled my choice. As I’ve progressed, it has become increasingly clear that the green I picked has too much blue in it. 

It’s a subtle thing but the green base colour clashes with the yellow/greens and reds I use in my Plaguebearer flesh tones. This means that I’ve had to spend extra time balancing out the colours and correcting the problem. With hindsight a Rakarth flesh base colour would have saved me a lot of time and effort! 

It’s with no small degree of relief that I’ve finally reached a point where the entire base colour is covered up, and I can finally get a feel for the overall colour balance on this mini. 

Colourwise the big difference between the champion and the other Plaguebearers is in the use of red. While all of the Plaguebearers have some red on them, the champion has both a greater area and a more saturated shade of red than on the other minis in the unit. I’m hoping that this will, along with his greater stature, give him prominence without making him look out of place in the unit. It’s on account of his colouring, along with his ‘crown’ of horns, that I’ve started to think of this mini as The Red King. 

As with all of my Plaguebearers I’m adding a few ‘special effects’ to the paint job. I’ve already begun to work a few clusters of microbeads into some of the creases and crevices and I plan to add some slime and drips. How could I not? 


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that thing is gruesome, but beautifully realised!

  2. So far so good, I cannot wait to see more of this stuff. Keep the hard work!!