Tuesday 12 April 2016

Plaguebearers part 9

My first idea for the standard bearer was to use an ordinary Plaguebearer but, after a little consideration, I decided that I wanted the mini to stand out from the ‘regular’ troops. It felt appropriate to give the standard bearer stature, somewhere between a regular Plaguebearer and my champion. To achieve this I’ve based my conversion on a Herald of Nurgle miniature. 

The conversion work was fairly straightforward. I swapped the head for that of a regular Plaguebearer and removed the branch-like growths from the spine. To be honest, I didn’t care for either the head or the growths and, in addition, felt that they would clash with the overall look of my unit. I’ve used a small piece from my ‘spare’ Gutrot Spume to form the basis of a hump on the standard bearer’s back. I like the pose of the Herald miniature and, in particular the pointing arm with it’s sagging, torn flesh. I’ve drilled a few extra holes into the sagging flesh on the arm to make it look even more ‘filigree’.

The most dramatic change is, of course, the replacement of the weapon with a standard. I decided on an icon of Nurgle for my standard and based it on the icon from the standard in the Putrid Blightkings kit. This was a good start but I wanted to create more impact, so I added the starburst crest from the Lord Relictor’s standard out of the Age of Sigmar Starter set – HERESY! The addition of a few nicks and dents helped to blend the starburst in. 

With the conversion work done it was time to add a little texture by the addition of baking soda. Then the mini was ready for it’s base coat. This time I went back to using Rackarth flesh! 

For the next stage I used glazes to build up the flesh tones and define the main blocks of colour. I also began to define the overall light and shade. Now I can work on refining the definition and detail. 


  1. Awesome conversion. I never really liked the original miniature as a Herald and used it in a Plaguebearer unit as a champion instead. I think the Relictor's crest works wonderfully, the size works perfectly to balance out the composition of the miniature.

    When I finally get around to doing more work on my Nurgle Daemons I may pinch this idea, although I'll probably go with a ragged tatty banner.

  2. A nice conversion and those skin tones are already looking excellent, I particularly like the darker blue/green.

  3. How do you get your glazes to apply so smoothly?

    1. I apply very thin layers of highly diluted paint and build up the colour very slowly. In reality each individual layer is a bit patchy but the cumulative effect gives a smooth finish. Also be absolutely certain that each layer is dry before you apply the next.