Friday, 10 June 2016

Ironjaws Megaboss part 2 Basing the Megaboss

With the flesh just about done I thought it would be a good idea to work on the base before I did any more painting. Making a base can sometimes involve repeatedly testing the fit between it and the mini. Such was the case with my Megaboss, so I thought it best to get the base built while there was plenty of bare plastic that I could safely handle. 

The most noticeable thing about the Megaboss is the dragon skull strapped to his shoulder. That combined with GW’s description of how the Ironjawz will ‘bring down whatever enemy (or object) has the temerity to be bigger than them” gave me a starting point to. This guy is a slayer of any beast or monster he comes across, so I’m going to reflect that in the paint scheme for his armour. I’m also representing it quite literally on his base. 

The 60mm round base that comes with the mini provides plenty of room for scenic elements and, in addition, I decided to raise the Megaboss up on a rocky outcrop. It’s a bit of a cliché, but I’m positioning him with one foot up on the recently severed head of a Dracoth. If there was ever a mini that calls out for a dramatic base it’s this one!  

I’ve used tree bark, foraged during a country walk, for the rock. The bark has a bold crack down it’s middle and a gnarly texture that should work well on the base. I found it necessary to stabilise the bark with an application of superglue as it was quite crumbly. Slightly rotten wood often has a very interesting texture but it can be fragile! The Dracoth head was trimmed down to fit the base and then given a new neck with parts from my bits box and green stuff. Any gaps were then filled in with milliput to stabilise and strengthen the construction. 

Because I was able to make multiple test fittings, between the Megaboss and the base, I’ve managed to ensure a good fit and some interaction between the mini and the base. I’m particularly pleased that I’ve been able to create a slight bulge in the Dracoth’s neck where the weight of the Megaboss’s foot is bearing down on it! 

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  1. Dave, only just came across this blog. Nice to see you are painting again. I used to work at the Southampton GW at the time you were submitting entries and won the Golden Demon award the first time. I tend to spray garage kits for people now when I have the time but my foray into the world of miniatures has now led to a career as a VFX artist for films (currently the new Potter spin off) Not sure if my old hands are capable of the precision needed for painting figures these days. keep up the posts.