Wednesday 1 June 2016

Ironjaws Megaboss - part 1

It’s been thirty-two years since I last painted an Ork! My teenage self rather enjoyed painting Orks ... with blue/grey flesh! But as time passed, and Games Workshop developed a distinct identity and style for their Orks, I found other models (mostly Chaos and Elves) more appealing. I didn’t particularly buy into GW’s vision of, to my mind, big chunky Orks. Professor Tolkien had gotten to me first and, in my mind, Orcs were mostly lean and wiry creatures much as they eventually appeared on screen in Sir Peter Jackson’s films. 

So when the new Ironjaws Orruks, as we must now call them, came out I should have hated them on sight. These are the biggest and chunkiest Orks Orruks yet; but I love the outrageous boldness of them! Most of all the new Megaboss, who screamed out to me to be painted. So moving on from all things Nurgle I’m painting … green flesh tones again! 

Of course, it’s a different sort of green flesh; so I’ve been trying out a new combination of colour to those I would use for Plaguebearers. I’m starting with a base colour of Death World Forest. This gives me a slightly desaturated yellow/green tone that works well in combination with my old favourites Rackarth Flesh and Dark Sea Blue. 

I’ve got some fairly ambitious plans to paint free hand decoration on the armour, but more on that later. In the first instance I decided it would be best to start painting the flesh before all the armour is glued together. There are some very hard areas to reach on this mini. I’ll be partly covering up some of my early work, once all the armour is on, but at the least I’ll know it’s there.


  1. Gorgeous. Very excited to see how the armor turns out. I love how subtle your shading is.

  2. I'm completely with you on the GW orc/ork front (and probably a similar age by the sound of it), but I think it's the 'blockiness' of the previous GW orcs that put me off. They wouldn't look out of place in minecraft. Its even more pronounced now that they have released these new ones. If it wasn't for the god awful boars I'd say this release was a resounding success and move in the right direction.

  3. Amazing, will you be doing a little tutorial on the skin?

  4. Looking at the in-progress shots above, I have to ask: Do you prime your models/parts before painting and assembling, or work right on the bare plastic?

    1. I don't use primer. I just paint straight onto the bare plastic!

  5. Hi David... looking for inspiration.
    Can you kindly restore the pictures in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3?

    Many thanks in advance, and compliments for the outstanding work!!

    Cheers, Dario