Monday, 24 October 2016

Work in progress

So, here I am three weeks into my new life and I’ve been conspicuous by my absence.

I’ve actually been very busy getting a feel for how I can spend my days and, most importantly, pace my painting. I’d planned out my painting projects for the next few months but, of course, things change and I’ve decided to adapt my plans to new circumstances.

I need to go to Nottingham to pick up my minis from Warhammer World and so I thought I might as well go there when an event is on. With ‘Golden Demon: Enemies of the Imperium’ set for November, it was a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ as to when I should plan my trip. Of course there was no way I could enter the competition as I’d nothing ready and not enough time to paint anything … but then again.

I began mulling over the prospect and possibilities of ‘having a go’ at getting a mini ready for November 6!

I saw it thus:

  • I know I can turn a single mini around in four weeks. At that point I had seven weeks before the competition. For five of those weeks I would be ‘retired’ from work. 
  •  A short-term, focussed project would be a great way of establishing a regular and productive painting routine as I embarked on my adventure as a full time hobbyist. 
  •  I‘ve had the idea and parts for an Eldar Farseer conversion for some time and it fits the ‘Enemies of the Imperium’ theme. 
  •  I’m going to the event anyway so I might as well have a go at painting an entry. 
  •  I had planned to see if I could do the Farseer for the ‘Classic’ Demon in May. If I can’t get him ready in time for November I can still take him along in May as originally intended. 

So the Megaboss is on the back burner (again) and project Farseer is go!

At this point I’m well into the project and it’s going well although I find that my painting days go by very quickly. It’s true that time really does fly when your having fun!

I’ve been recording my progress on the Farseer and will be posting in more detail later. For the moment I’m thoroughly immersed in my hobby and enjoying every moment of it.


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to get the Farseer ready in time for November =)

  2. Those minis are sooo good that hurts!! Awesome paintjobs there, and perfect conversion on the farseer.

  3. I'd like to express my congrats to you for making this place so enjoyable. You're on of the rare people whose WIPs I enjoy seeing and reading about. There's a bit to use and think about even for mortals who've decided to settle for tabletop level.
    Wish you all the best for this new life and deadlines. ;)

  4. Well chuffed that you are taking on this retirement\painting joy. Its a great feeling painting each doy for your bread, but as you say, days seem to fly by now and find myself wishing painting time was longer. Best of luck with Golden Demon, i hope to come to next years ones, but as its 300 miles away, i cant afford to go to all of them :)

  5. Beautiful. Love where this is going.

    Those darn Eldar... can't just simply stand with both feet planted on the ground like everyone else. Always bouncing around like sugar saturated parkour addicts... ;)