Friday, 18 November 2016

Ironjaws Megaboss part 6

The Boss is back and this time I’m not stopping until he’s finished!

Despite putting my Megaboss on the backburner several times, I love painting this mini! One reason for this is I’ve been able to take my NMM technique in a new direction by combining it with texture techniques. The work has sometimes been quite challenging, but it’s also made for some rewarding painting sessions.

I decided to paint the armour on the shoulders and arms as blackened metal. This wasn’t in my initial plan but I feel the addition of black provided a necessary contrast to the other colours, and it makes the overall colour palette feel more complete.

As I said while painting the Farseer, black is a colour I’ve not used for many years. The practise I gained on the Farseer has paid off and I was able to approach the blackened armour with considerably more confidence than I would otherwise have done!

The key colour is - no prizes for guessing - Vallejo Dark Sea Blue. It’s mixed 50/50 with black for the base colour and then with white for the mid-tones and highlights. Once the rust effects were painted on, I repeatedly glazed over the entire area with highly diluted Dark Sea Blue. When I’d built up a pleasing depth of colour, I picked out a few extreme highlights with white. The Dark Sea Blue ties it all together and gives some subtle depth of colour to the blackened areas.

Before & after glazing with Dark Sea Blue.


  1. Filthy xenos -_- David, paint a space marine once in a while :P

    Still nice painting though!

    1. There's a Space Marine helmet on my Dark Eldar Dio! That counts doesn't it?

    2. Hey, who am I to judge?

      =][= Agents Dispatched =][=

      Oh crap...

  2. David that colour choice works it really does ( sorry if I sound surprised 😉) Thanks for explaining your method .
    Regards Gav.

  3. The quality of the NMM on the armour is stunning!

  4. Hot damn this is such beautiful work. You're absolutely one of my favorite artists in the world I learn so much from you!

    I simply cannot wait to see what you do with the giant skull on his shoulder... It's just going to be... Wow.

  5. Always a pleasure to see the master at work. GW should really use your models as the stock photos on the web site, the detail really pops. As an undead player I'm very excited to see how you tackle the skull!