Friday, 4 November 2016

Eldar Farseer

The Farseer is finished and in the end I had plenty of time to get everything done in time for Saturday’s competition. I’ve really enjoyed being able to turn this project around in just a few weeks and it served the purpose of getting me into a steady routine very nicely.

It’s also given me the chance to try a few things I’ve been meaning to have a go at for quite some time. Aside from the use of black in my palette I’ve tried object source lighting for the first time.

The base is inspired by something that Roman Lappat did over on Massive Voodo. As soon as I saw what Roman did I wanted to try it myself and this project felt like the perfect opportunity!


  1. Gorgeous! And you've really managed to capture the feeling that he's floating, rather than leaping. It really adds to the ethereal mystical feel of the piece. Awesome!

  2. Everything looks great - his pose, rich colours and the osl! Awesome paintjob!

  3. Well done on winning the Sword David!!

  4. Well done on the Sword David, hope to meet you again some time as well!

  5. wow that is so amazing , but how do you get such a matt finish on all of your models

    1. In my case achieving a matt finish is all about the materials I've used rather than any special technique.

      The matt finish comes from a couple of things.

      Firstly I use a lot of Scalecolour paints (from scale 75) and they dry with a fantastic matt finish. They mix very well with other brands and lend something of their matt finish to the mix.

      Second where I haven't used scale colour I've used either GW paints or vallejo. both these brands will dry a little more matt when diluted with water but a shiny finish is not always avoidable. When that happens (as on the black areas of the farseers costume) I apply a thin layer of slightly dilute vallejo acrylic matt varnish let it dry and the repeat if necesary.