Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sourcing a Miniature Transit Case

My trip to Copenhagen last April presented me with a few miniature related issues that needed to be sorted out. First of all I had to fix the damage that Gutrot sustained in transit. All in all that went better than I dared hope. Secondly I needed to find a replacement for bicarbonate of soda as a texture medium. This particular quest is on-going; but I’ve concluded that I need to resort to a range of different materials to achieve the effects that the bicarb made possible. Finally I had to rethink the transport solution for my miniatures, particularly with regard to flying and airport security.

I wanted the type of miniature case that comes with a sliding tray. I could then bolt my models to the tray when the occasion demanded. The case had to be strong, lightweight and small enough to take on board a plane as hand luggage. I was lucky enough to get an excellent recommendation. I was chatting to Mally Anderson at this year’s Salute and he showed me the transport case he’d had made for his brilliant Glottkin .

His case came from Sphere Products and Mally advised me to go to their stand so I took myself over to have a chat with Jon Page. It quickly became apparent that Jon was able to provide exactly what I needed. Sphere produce several ‘standard’ sizes of transit case but are also able to make them to individual requirements. In addition to that there are options for trays, handles and clear panels.

It was a great weight off my mind to have found a solution so easily but it’s been a busy year and it took me a while to take further action. I finally got round to contacting Jon with my requirements last week. I’ve gone for quite a small case at 300 x 200 x 190mm but I know that size will safely fit under the seat in front of me in a plane and accommodate most of my minis. I also opted for a strap handle as this would lay flat and have a lower profile. In addition I was able to request a tray position that would allow for minis to be bolted in from below and a clear Perspex door and back panel. This is a particularly useful feature in my opinion as it enables me to monitor my minis in transit. Airport security staff will also be able to clearly see the contents of this ‘strange’ box and, hopefully, they will then feel no need to tip and shake the box in order to assess it! I also opted to have my logo etched on the door as I think that’s a nice finishing touch.

Jon came back to me with a drawing of my transit case for approval and after a slight tweak to the tray height I was happy. From my initial enquiry to delivery of the finished case took just a week and I’m impressed at how speedy the process was!

The case arrived flat packed and with all the necessary tools and fixings. I’ve a history of rushing flat pack projects, and regretting my haste later, so I made sure to take all due time and care assembling the case. Most important was putting the parts together in the correct order but all in all assembly was very straightforward.

The finished result is a transit case that meets all my requirements. I’m delighted with the quality product and service I’ve received from Sphere.  I’ve already decided to get another, larger case for transporting minis to my workshops.


  1. nice! Looking for something just like this. AND not having to replace the clear panels myself makes it some much easier. I like it when security can see in and not have to open or touch my models as they inevitably break stuff. Look with your eyes sir, its fragile - and so is my patience!

  2. Neat, that looks mighty useful.