Friday 26 January 2018

C-Girl Akito – finishing the leather & starting the hair.

Having spent a little more time on Akito I’ve finished painting her leather jacket. In truth I may go back and tweak a few details as the overall paint job develops, but it’s reached the stage where I can move on to the next area.

So I decided to turn my attention to the hair. I’m pleased with the initial work but it still needs some attention especially with regard to the volumes. In addition to that I want to work some subtle colour variations into the pink. I think it looks a little monochromatic at the moment so I’m going to incorporate some hints of yellow/orange tones into the pinks. I think this will look a little more realistic and swing the overall tone away from the slightly purple tone it currently has. I definitely want the hair to be a strawberry pink and at the moment it’s more like raspberry!

I’d stated that I wasn’t going to put Akito down until she was finished. And from that statement you can probably guess that Akito has to go back on the shelf for a while. It was pointed out to me that the Golden Demon Classic, in May, is getting closer and I don’t have anything painted for it yet!

I’d like to have something to take, so I think it’s high time I started painting it!


  1. When it comes to a time crunch where do end up focusing to make a deadline? What do you sacrafice? Do you wait until your inspired then just alot of sleepless nights? Or do you just pick something and grind away?

    1. My usual aproach is to pick something that inspires me and grind away through the painting process. I break the job down into steps and set mini deadlines for each step. When it comes to crunch time I have to put in a lot of painting hours into a few days and go for it! I usually finish my minis well before a deadline as I build a lot of time into my schedule to give me a better experience. This last year has been a bit odd in that I feel like I've not quite kept up with my own deadlines!

    2. When you pick your project for this up coming event can you give us a sample of the break down? :)

  2. Wow, she looks sooo cool! Love the pink hair!

  3. Beautiful work, looking forward to the finished piece!

    I was so pleased when you picked up this bust, I've loved the sculpt for a while. One day I hope to give it a go!