Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dark Elf Diorama – rethinking the design 2

The new diorama base will have the same elements as the old one:
  • A resin plinth
  • Dark Eldar Monoliths
  • Ancient Eldar ruins
  • Dark Eldar totems
  • A layer of trees/vines/plants growing over everything
The proportion/balance of the element will be very different. I want the new composition to have a vertical orientation. It will also have a definite front, back and sides as opposed to the old one which was low and circular. For these reasons I’m using a 60mm resin cube to sit the diorama onto.
My first task was to sort out the monoliths.  I’d sculpted these out of Super Scullpey Firm so fixing the warped monolith was a simple matter. I heated it up with a hair dryer (not my own, alas I have no need) and allowed it to cool while held flat under a weight. To prevent the problem happening all over again I needed to find something to fix onto the big monolith as a reinforcement/brace.
It took me a while to realise that the best solution was to use the two smaller monoliths to reinforce the large one. I’ve now pined and glued the three monoliths together into a single structure and I’m really pleased with the result! This new single monolith will be the main element of the diorama base and will provide support for a couple of the  ‘flying’ models.
The new Dark Eldar Monolith 

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