Wednesday 28 September 2011

Dark Eldar Diorama - Painting the monoliths step-by-step

I should probably title this posting ‘OOPS I did it again!’ 
I’d initially settled for a design with a smaller tree stump and spent a fair bit of time putting it all together. To be honest I pretty much hated it on sight as I was making all the same mistakes over again. I needed to have the courage of my convictions and push the Dark Eldar element to the max. The tree had to go … I needed more monoliths!
 As I’d decided that the diorama needed another monolith I was able to take some pics of the progress so here is a Step by Step to painting the Dark Eldar Monoliths/Spires.
A general mish mash of techniques is probably the best description. The effect is built up in layers using mostly dry brushing and washes.

 Base coat
Citadel Foundation Paints 
  • Mix Calthan Brown + Astronomican Grey. Any mid warm grey will do.
 Dry Brush
  • Mix Base coat + Vallejo Grey Primer.
An overall dry brushing with a lighter and slightly cooler version of the base colour. The aim is to bring out all the texture.
Citadel Colour Paints
  • Blazing Orange
  • Mix Blazing Orange + Scorched Brown
  • Scorched Brown
I like to build up my washes with lots of layers so I dilute the colour right down and apply it in relatively thin coats. As I build up the intensity of colour I progressively darken the mix. I find this give me a fair amount of control on the overall finish.
Dry Brush
  • Mix Base coat + Vallejo Grey Primer
A selective dry brushing to begin to emphasize the raised areas.
  • Vallejo Grey Primer
I used grey primer because it was to hand & I’m lazy that way! Any light cool grey would do the job. The highlights are building up with thin applications of diluted colour until the desired intensity is reached. I also went in with some ink and refined the shadows/recesses.

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  1. This is super awesome, thanks kindly for sharing all your recipes and techniques!