Monday 3 October 2011

Dark Eldar Diorama – the NEW new base

I can’t think of another mini painting/modeling project where I’ve had to revisit my ideas and rework things quite so much! But I’m glad that I’ve persevered as the new base for my diorama is giving me the positive buzz for this project that’s been missing for a while. 
For sure there is a lot to do (the minis not the least!) but this time it feels like I’ve got the tone and composition right for what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve set up a production line for icicles and have started testing out some options for snow. There are more Dark Eldar bits and bobs to add but I will be doing this cautiously and as a part of the overall composition. I don’t want to go overboard with the hooks and chains!
So here is the Diorama base as it currently stands.  The elements are now all sculpted and assembled, bulk of the painting is done bar a few highlights and I’ve begun to build up some of the scenic details.

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