Thursday 12 January 2012

Dark Eldar Diorama – The second Scourge

I'd hoped to start this mini before Christmas so that all the conversion and prep work would be done and I could spend some quality time painting over the holiday. Naturally enough life got in the way and all my plans went out of the window so I'm presenting this report later than I'd expected.

I was really taken with the plastic Dark Elf Sorceress Games Workshop brought out for Storm of Magic. So I wanted to find a way to incorporate her into my Dark Eldar diorama. It's taken a bit of planning and some of the conversion work was a right old fiddle but the new mini is beginning to shape up nicely.

Parts/materials used:
Dark Elf Sorceress - arms body & hair
Daemonette of Slaanesh - legs
Dark Eldar Scourge - wings and helmet
Dark Eldar Raider -  spear
Green stuff

The first stage was to get all the parts together to test out how (and if) they would fit together.

Things are pretty rough at this stage. I've trimmed away a fair bit of plastic, glued the legs into place and filled in the worst of the gaps around the legs. Every thing else is held together with blue tack. At this stage I've trimmed away enough plastic to get the parts fitting roughly but need to trim a little more away to get things fitting more tightly. I like to go cautiously as it's all too easy to trim too much away and have to do a load of filling/repairs.

Next I work on all the parts to get the best fit possible. I start to glue then together and fill the gaps. I like to take this slowly letting each stage dry and set fully before moving on to the next. Its worth thinking through this stage carefully and planing the order in which the parts will be assembled. 

Here is my new Scourge as she currently stands. The parts are all stuck together but I still need to do some gap filling and a little more sculpting.

As a complete aside I thought I'd share a picture of one of the things that kept me away from minis in the run up to Christmas. I needed to create a set of illustrated characters as a part of a major branding exercise I've been involved with this Autumn. Rather than presenting the 2D illustrations my client expected I broke out the plasticine and put some of my sculpting experience to use.


  1. I love what did with this miniature, its very unique. Can't wait to see the next steps....

  2. Consider that head idea stolen :-)