Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mummy Mania - Painting the Tomb King part 2

Painting has been very slow recently but it's time I posted a few work in progress pictures.

I'm working with (for me) an extremely subdued colour palette and I'm really enjoying the experience/challenge. The use of Ivory (rather than white) in all the highlights and a combination of Dark Sea Blue and various browns in the shadows plays a major part in this and helps keep the overall palette unified.

In addition to my new Windsor & Newton series seven I've bought myself a few brushes from the excellent Rosemary & Co and I will be posting a review/comparison in the near future.


  1. Man!! you are crazy! :D awesome! :)

  2. He is looking gorgeous, loving the colours on him.

    It may just be me but he looks like he is dancing.

  3. A few years ago I switched from W&N to Rosemary brushes. After using them intensively for about a year, I decided to make the switch back to W&N. In my opinion the cheaper price doesn't make up for the lesser quality: they don't hold their points so well and wear off quicker. But that's my opinion, looking forward to hearing yours :)