Thursday, 20 September 2012

Strife through a lens

In my last post I mentioned that my camera was broken when it fell onto the floor. I've no one to blame but myself as, despite promising myself a tripod, I just kept on propping the camera up on all maner of improvised supports. I often find the process of photography a frustrating business. I've a basic understanding of the theory having studied it MANY years ago at college. To be brutally honest I achieved a pass in the photography module of my HND Graphic Design course for effort rather than results.

Having said all that I've begun to feel happier with both the process of photographing minis and the results I've been getting. There is (always) room for improvement but as I've become familiar with my camera I've developed the confidence to experiment with it. So of course I go and break it!

Well 'it's an ill wind' so I bit the bullet and ordered a new Camera. It's a Cannon Powershot SX240HS (for those who are interested in such things) and It arrived yesterday! I've had a little play with it and I'm VERY happy with the results. I set things up just the same as I would with my old camera but with one big exception. I also ordered a tripod and what a diference it's made to setting up a photo! I need to experiment but for these shots I used my favorite setting of 'AUTO' and my usual set up with my painting lamps. I have to say that I think they came out really well.

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