Friday, 21 December 2012

The rocky road to creating a rock. Part 2

Rather than sitting here and tapping out (yes that is how I type!) a step by step on painting the base I've decided to try a more visual approach. The techniques used are a fairly straightforward combination of layered dry brushing and washes. As I said in my previous post I've taken a very organic approach to painting the base and the finished result is all about variations in balace between the colours I've picked and the paint application. First lets look at my colour palette for the base.

Base Colour:

Calthan Brown & Astronomican Grey mix

1st Highlight/Drybrush:

Base colour mix + Vallejo Grey Primer

Wash colours (in no specific order):

Blazing Orange

Vallejo Burnt Cadmium Red

Iyanden Darksun

2nd Highlight/Drybrush:

Base colour mix + Vallejo Grey Primer using increasingly lighter mixes than the 1st highlight

The entire base was painted with the base colour and then dry brushed all over with the 1st highlight colour. Thereafter the coloured washed and highlights are applied in various combinations. As usual I diluted my washes quite heavily and built up several layers of each.

Now lets look at how these colours and techniques look in combination on the base.

click image to enlarge
click image to enlarge


  1. For a visual learner like myself, I really enjoyed this presentation.


  2. This is outstanding and I cannot get my eyes to believe that it's not real stone! Fantastic work!

    I have lots of cork and have used it for rocks (no painting applied though).

    Michelle :o))