Tuesday 11 March 2014

Jason - Part 4

I’ve been putting some extra hours into painting Jason and it feels like I’m making progress! The mini has proven to be deceptively tricky to paint. It always seems to need that little bit of extra attention to make the details pop but I think the effort is finally proving worthwhile. 
I’ve gone back over the Hydra’s head (again) with a little purple glazing to enrich the colour and shadows. I’ve also added some stronger stippling to the forehead area to create a skin pattern of sorts and I think it adds a lot more interest to an otherwise bland area. 
Jason’s costume and armour are now beginning to come together and it’s been fiddly work but I’m finally getting a feel for the finished look of the mini. Once Jason is done I’ll turn my attention to his shield and what will be my first proper bit of freehand for many years – no pressure there then! 
I’m also starting to do a little prep on the base ready for when the mini is finished. There are a lot of little touches that the piece will need to bring everything together and finish it all off. That’s not something I want to get caught out with by leaving it to the last minute.


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