Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Project Nurgle Part 6

I've a (little) bit more progress to show for another week's painting. The paint scheme is coming together and I've finished the large shoulder guard and helmet. The tentacles are also coming along well but painting them is slow fiddly work. To break up the tedium of painting seven identical tentacles I’m interspersing them with work on other areas.

Good weather at the weekend meant that I've finally had good natural light enabling me to take some pictures that shows the colours on Gutrot more accurately.


  1. Fantastic tones on the armour especially the rack of spikes :) I particularly like the green tones in the blue. I may have to pick up some of the scale paints they have some really nice tones.

  2. He looks wonderful so far! Could you share the colours used on the armour please?

    1. All the colours I’ve used are scale colour paints from Scale 75 but I think you could get the same effect with equivalent colours from other ranges.

      Base colour/mid tone: Caribbean Blue

      Shade: Black Leather + Caribbean Blue

      Deep Shade: Black Leather

      Highlight :Nacar

      Glaze/stipple colours: Sherwood Green, Autumn Green, Boreal Green, Sky Blue