Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Project Nurgle Part 5

To be honest I’ve not been 100% certain that things were going well or that the finished mini would see the light of day! Gutrot Spume is providing me with a very different painting experience from my usual approach. That’s been due, in part, to the cold induced hiatus; but mostly to the process of working out an entirely new colour palette. It’s taken time to become familiar with these new colours and things have felt very unresolved. 

For someone who is used to working an area up to it’s finished state before moving on to the next one, that’s been an uncomfortable experience. But this last weekend things really seemed to come together and I’m feeling much better about how the paint job for Gutrot is coming together. So I decided it was time to tackle the tentacles! 

It might be stating the obvious but the tentacles are a major feature of this mini and as such require special attention. I decided early on that I wanted to achieve a graduated effect down the length of the tentacle overlaid with irregular banding in a contrasting colour. This was strongly influenced by the results of a search for octopus reference pictures. I wanted to bring some real world influences to what is a very fantastical mini. 

The underlying graduation is deep pink through to pale green and uses the basic skin tones from Gutrot. To contrast this I painted the banding in a deep green. It’s fiddly work, and creating an irregular effect is deceptively tricky, but I’m delighted with how it’s working out! Somehow those green stripes have made all the difference for me. 

The deep green from the banding has turned out to be another key colour in the overall scheme. I’ve used a little of it to glaze over some of the mid tones and shadows in the armour and it’s provided a vital finishing touch. The deep green somehow ties together the blue, yellow-green, purple and turquoise. I never would have imagined that I’d be using so many colours in such a small area, but I really like the complex and nuanced feel that they give. 

Gutrot no longer feels like a project that I’m trying to figure out how to proceed with. There is a lot more work to do, and plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong, but I’m confident and happy about the direction I’m taking. 


  1. looks awesome so far. really liking the patterns on the tentacles

  2. The deep green in the armor's midtones and shades is really doing wonders for it. What happened to part 5?

    1. Oops! Thanks for pointing that out, I should know better than to update my blog when I'm tired!