Wednesday 26 April 2017

Review: Element Masterclass Brushes from Element Games

A few months ago I was contacted by Byron Orde from Element Games with regards to holding a painting class at his venue in Stockport on June 2 & 3. While we were arranging the class Byron asked me if I would be interested in trying out his Element Masterclass Brushes.

I’ve tried out several brands of brush over the years and none of them compared well with the Windsor and Newton Series 7 (W&N). However, that is not the case with the Element Masterclass Brushes and I am genuinely impressed with their quality and performance.

I’ve been using the brushes, on both my Orruk Megaboss and the Akito, bust, alongside a W&N. This has enabled me to make a direct comparison and I now feel I’ve been using them for long enough to share my opinion.

Examples of my work done using the Element Masterclass Brushes.

Element Masterclass Brushes come in three sizes Detail, Character and Regiment. The bristles on the Detail brush are a little short for my own taste but both the Character and Regiment sizes have been very useful. The Character brush is equivalent to a size 0 and I used it for a great deal of the texture on the Megaboss. The Regiment brush is equivalent to a size 1 and was particularly useful for the layered glazes on Akito.

The tips of the Element Games brushes come to an excellent crisp point, like a W&N brush. They have maintained their points throughout use and I’d venture to say that the W&N brush is wearing less well over time. Based on my use of them, so far, the Element Masterclass Brushes seem to be more durable than W&N.

The only possible down side I’ve encountered is that Element Masterclass Brushes felt a little stiffer than the W&N ones when in use. However, I wouldn’t describe this as a fault so much as a difference between two brands. It was a ‘problem’ for me simply because the brush felt different to what I had become used to. In fact what this means is that I use the Element Games brushes for different tasks to the W&N brushes. Element Masterclass Brushes are perfect for fine texture work where the W&N ones are just too soft for my taste.

I’m very impressed with the Element Masterclass Brushes, both in terms of quality and value for money, so much so that I’ve made them a permanent addition to my toolkit.

You can buy the Element Masterclass Brushes HERE.

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