Monday, 27 August 2018

The finished Isharann Tidecaster

Apologies for my absence! If you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have read that my partner Mark has been very unwell and in hospital for the past month. Obviously Mark is my top priority and I was effectively ‘offline’ for the duration.

Thankfully Mark is now much recovered and back home where he belongs. My hobby time is still limited but it’s time to start the ball rolling again. So without further ado here is my long delayed, but finally finished, Isharann Tidecaster!


  1. Lovely work! And glad to hear Mark is doing better.

  2. Your Models are amazing. How do you achieve the white "fuzzy" look you have on all your models? On this model you can see it on the statue on the base. More so on your Megaboss.

    1. Hi Bryan,
      the 'fuzzy' look is a result of stippling (painting with dots of colour).

  3. Gills on the fish are amazing 😁