Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Project P30 - Part 6. When inspiration strikes!

I’m a great believer in using real-world references for my mini painting. Most often these images will serve as a starting point rather than being a direct reference. But either way, the use of reference material can help to ground a fantastical paint scheme in reality giving it an extra edge.

Although I’m currently working on Troggoths my Nurgle Tank is also very much on my mind. The time when I will start painting it is coming closer and I need to get my ideas in place. I’m going to have to try and pull out all the stops, and the simple green colour scheme of my old Tank will not suffice.

I’ve decided to try a bolder scheme on my new Tank and make use of the, much increased, surface area by introducing lots of texture and patterning. I’ve already been collecting reference material that includes a range of reptiles and amphibians. So far so good but nothing had really inspired me, until this morning!

Taking advantage of the lovely weather I visited nearby Mottisfont Abbey. While walking around the newly restored walled kitchen garden inspiration struck! The gardeners at Mottisfont are growing a huge selection of gourds in preparation for an autumn festival. With their sometimes gnarled and knobbly surfaces and a range of bold stripes, splotches and speckles the gourds instantly grabbed my attention.

These, more than anything I’ve looked at previously, have something of the look and feel I want to create for my Tank. This is not to say that I want my Nurgle Tank to look like a giant pumpkin, although there’s a thought for Halloween! But the patterns and textures on the gourds give me a great starting point to develop my ideas from.

It just goes to prove that it’s important to keep your eyes and mind open for inspiration because you never know when it will strike!

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