Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Getting things started off on the right track.

It seems like a good place to start this blog off by featuring a piece of ancient history and my one claim to fame. My Nurgle Predator - winner of the Slayer Sword in 1990.

I am both hugely proud and immensely fond of this model but if I'm honest time has not been kind. I can't see any way that I'd win a Slayer Sword if I turned up at the Golden Demons with this baby in 2011. And that is all part of the challenge and excitement of the hobby because having taken a few years out I find myself in the position of trying to get my painting skills both up to speed and up-to-date. There is some truly wonderful miniature painting going on in the big wide world and I want to see if I can get myself back on top form.

I want to use this blog as a way of recording my progress both in the development of my technical skills and as I develop my own personal style and identity as a painter.

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