Thursday, 30 June 2011

Into The Woods part 3

A little more tweaking of the face. Next I basecoat the shirt and the inside of the jacket. I may well work on the face a little more at a later stage but for the moment it’s OK.

I have shaded & highlighted the shirt. Then painted in the braces, bow tie & stripes on the shirt. I then base coated the trousers & boots and gave the boots a dry brush of a black/brown mix. That sounds very straightforward but it involves lots of going back over adjusting and retouching things.
I treat miniature painting as a process of gradual refinement and just keep on going until I’m happy with the level of finish.
Now I thought I was going to be clever and play around with adjacent areas of warm & cool tones to give some contrast and interest to the finished model. So much for that! It is now blatantly obvious that the base colour of the shirt is far too cool and in fact it looks blue. I will have to warm up the colour of the shirt with some subtle washes and probably retouch the highlights after that.


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