Thursday, 30 June 2011

Into The Woods part 4

I've adusted the colour of the shirt and I think it looks a lot better in a warmer tone (more screen accurate too!). I need to tidy it up and sharpen up the details in general but that is just a matter of spending more time & effort on it.

I've worked some lighter browns into the hair so it is less of a solid colour.
I've highlighted the trousers using blue/grey tones to contrast with the warmer grey tones used on the boots. The trick here is to use increasingly fine highlights. The final highlights are very small & precise and pull the whole thing together helping to sharpen up the definition of the paint job. I work with diluted paint building up layers of translucent colour - this helps to make the colour graduation subtler. Back in the day when I was competing in the Golden Demon contest I used to work with a lot more layers and tonal variations. It takes a lot more time that way but the effect is worth it.
I have worked in a similar way on the jacket but I've overlaid that with some fine stippling (painting with dots of colour) in three tones of brown. Hopefully this gives a tweedy texture to the paint job.
Not too much left to do now. It is mainly a matter of getting really obsessive over the tiny details and refining them until I'm happy (or go totally cross eyed).


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