Thursday, 30 June 2011

Starting a new project - Into the Woods.

During the later half of last year I began a miniature painting project that started out as a single painted miniature but rapidly grew into something more ambitious. The minis are based upon characters from the BBC TV show Dr Who and I chronicled my progress on the Galifrey Base Forums (the posts are written with a non mini painting audience in mind).
Recording a step by step progress has proven to be a really interesting experience. It focused me on how I go about painting a miniature. To put it very simply I’d have to say that I pretty much make it up as I go along and the stages below are fairly arbitrary.
It was during this project that I really felt that I got back into the zone for mini painting so I have decided to recreate my posts here to illustrate how I approach painting a mini.
Here is my take on the Nerdlord II figure by Heresy Miniatures.
STEP 1 Preparation
This is the most boring bit but it’s important not to cut corners at this stage. Clean up the casting by removing any flash or mould lines. I usually do this with a combination of a scalpel (scrape rather than cut) and very fine emery paper. Once I’m happy I give the model a scrub with a little washing up liquid using an old toothbrush to remove any dirt or grease before painting.

As I intend to mount the finished model onto a scenic base rather than a standard slotta base I have removed the tab from between the feet. I then drilled (VERY carefully) up into one of the legs & superglue a Wire pin in place. Once painted I will use the pin to attach the model to it’s base.
I then pop the pinned model onto a cork so I have something to hold onto when I’m painting.

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