Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dark Eldar Diorama

The second Scourge and a test fitting

I've had limited painting time recently and the light has been terrible due to the weather but I've managed a little progress. I've painted up the spear shaft on my Scourge conversion so that just leave the wings to do.

I thought it was high time I did a test fitting for the diorama with the two scourges I've (almost) painted. It's better to sort out any issues now rather than at the end when I've committed to the details. It was a bit of a fiddle and I had to drill quite a few holes to get the positioning right but I like how things are shaping up. The pictures aren't the greatest (crap light again!) but they give an idea of how the diorama is looking.

This just brings it home to me how far I have to go with this project before it's finished. Once all the minis are painted and mounted on the monoliths I'll have to finish off the scenic detailing and add the snow & icicles. 

They say patience is a virtue so I shall have to be very virtuous!


  1. I feverishly am following your progress, and each time I think it cannot get any better, you keep amazing! I would so love to learn some tricks from you, but for now I'll just enjoy this work. It's a sure Daemon winner for me!

  2. I just discovered your blog, amazing work here! Good luck! -Gerrie

  3. Marvelous work, keep up good work!

  4. Hi-
    I just found your blog from CoolMini, and WOW!—instantly added it to my top sites. Amazing work on the scourge diorama. I can't wait to see it finished. Best of luck with the Golden Demon competition.

  5. Great work! You've a very cleaning and beautiful style.

    And congrats for your site :)

    Keep painting!