Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mummy Mania - choosing a colour scheme.

I've made a couple more tweaks to the tomb king's position this time the feet and arm. I'm now very happy with his pose so It's time to put down the super glue and pick up my paintbrush.

First up I've blocked in the main areas of colour with a base coat. I'm using the same sandy tone for the bones and bandages as I used on the base. This should help tie the whole composition together. Areas that will be painted copper and gold have been picked out in Calthan Brown. Having a two tone base coat helps me to start breaking the mini down into the it's main colour blocks and begins the process of planning the order I will paint them in.

My thoughts on the colour scheme have really come together. I didn't want a typically Egyptian gold with red and blue jewels type of scheme for this mini. I want to try and create an ancient and barbaric feel for my Tomb King. Having used, and been pleased with, the tarnished copper effect on the base I will apply this to the Tomb King. Decoration will be mostly restricted to a little gold and turquoise both of wich are authentically ancient egyptian but hopefully just a little bit different from what is often done with this type of mini.

To help me with my colour scheme I've collected together a set of pictures for reference/inspiration. Nothing here should be taken too literally as the pics are intended to act as a sort of mood board helping me to get a feel for the overall colour scheme.


  1. I love your style!!!!!! :D can't wait to see this one ready :)


  2. Vallejo Make a Verdigris paint in the "specialist" line of thier Model colour range...

    it washes on dilute, and can be rubbed off after.. this, with a little piwashing with Hawk Turquise, makes an excellent verdigris colour for bronze.

    good luck with it, sounds like this will be a very cool fellow :)

  3. Its interesting to see how you prepare a mini like this.

    Think I will need to do more of the same when I start a new GD entry as I don't think I plan mine enough and they fall by the wayside.